NHL ‘94 on a stadium’s jumbo scoreboard? It works, with a lot of lag.

What’s the input lag when you’re playing NHL ’94 for the Sega Genesis on a super-sized arena video board? About half a freaking 2nd, in fact. That partly represents sports talker Joe Ovies, of WRAL-FM in Raleigh, North Carolina, scoring just one objective in his video game on Carter-Finley Arena’s Daktronics super-screen.

Ovies and broadcast partner Joe Giglio (disclosure: I went to college with both of those yo-yos), dealt with with the post ponement of the Carolina Hurricanes’ 2021 Arena Series video game to next year, staged an outside contest last Friday with a number of listeners signing up with the enjoyable. Since expert hockey outside, in the South, is constantly a wise concept.

It was plenty cold adequate to keep the sun from melting their playing surface area (as had actually held true out in Lake Tahoe). However Ovies states he “did melt the AV guy’s brain with the Raspberry Pi,” attempting to run the 16-bit sports timeless on a Daktronics super-screen.

Ovies and listeners Noah Thomas and Jon Weaver played four games, the first two on a monitor on the field, and then two for laughs on the big screen with the chonky lag. Thomas defeated Weaver to meet Ovies in the final, where Ovies scored six goals with Montreal’s Kirk Muller to rudely dismiss his guest 6-4.

Ovies wasn’t so prolific on the stadium scoreboard. “Trying to time a one-timer with the input lag was … difficult,” he told me. Still a fun time was had by all. Thomas posted about it on Reddit, to several hundred upvotes from fellow Canes fans:

The Carolina Hurricanes had been scheduled to host the 2021 Stadium Series game on Feb. 20. But the COVID-19 pandemic suspended the previous season, and delayed the start of the current one to Jan. 13, so the Hurricanes will host the game next year on N.C. State’s football turf.

This year, NHL ‘94 resurfaced, sort of, as NHL ’94 Rewind, a downloadable premium for NHL 21 pre-orders. It’s basically an NHL ’94 ROM with up-to-date rosters, teams, logos, and uniforms.

Ovies has made timeless sports video video games something of a cause over the past a number of years at WRAL. In 2017, he dragged an NES and a Sony Trinitron to the Atlantic Coast Conference’s football media day, and got the head coaches for State, Duke, and North Carolina to break down Tecmo Super Bowl’s rather genuine playbook.

And in 2018, Ovies took a seat with Duke basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski (and Pitt’s Jeff Capel, who bet Krzyzewski) to play and go over EA Sports’ short-term Coach K College Basketball on Sega Genesis.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.