NFL players need to be able to admit they’re vulnerable

Colts quarterback Carson Wentz states every NFL gamer — and everyone — requires somebody they can open to.

Inquired about NFL gamers’ psychological health in an interview with Beth Hoole of Valley News Reside In North Dakota, Wentz stated it’s ending up being more appropriate for gamers to connect to somebody when they require assistance.

“It’s sad that it wasn’t socially acceptable, but I think it’s more understood because I think everyone can relate,” Wentz stated. “I think it’s OK, and people are realizing that it’s OK, to not be OK and to talk about it. Everyone’s got somebody in their life, whether it’s a counselor, teammate, friend, brother, wife, pastor, whatever that is, and if they don’t have that hopefully they can find that. I’ve been fortunate to have people in my life when things are going south or I’m struggling, to have an honest conversation, to refocus and reframe my mindset, and I think that’s so important for everybody, but especially in the NFL with all the pressures and all the things that get thrown at us it’s definitely been acceptable. You see guys being honest and open and vulnerable, not all the time, but it’s becoming a little bit more normal and OK and I think it’s encouraging for people to see that, you know, us big strong football players can be vulnerable, can be real people that go through real stuff and that it’s OK to say ‘I’m struggling.’”

It was apparent that Wentz had on-field battles last season in Philadelphia, however he appears more comfy now in Indianapolis, and he states he’s had individuals he might rely on to assist him survive the battles of the in 2015.

Carson Wentz on psychological health: NFL gamers require to be able to confess they’re susceptible initially appeared on Pro Football Talk

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.