New video shows the choreography of We Don’t Talk About Bruno

Contrary to what the tune suggests, everybody’s discussing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” The tune from Encanto, Disney’s newest animated musical, has actually exceeded and end up being a definitely contagious earworm. Real to Disney custom, there is a multilingual variation of the tune — however the appealing lyrics from Lin-Manuel Miranda aren’t the only unforgettable aspect of the tune.

Among the huge distinctions in between Encanto and previous Disney musicals is making use of choreography within the motion picture, something directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush wished to perform in order to “evolve the Disney musical.” The filmmakers induced choreographers to shut out the scenes and ultimately equated them into the animation. A brand-new video from Disney reveals a side-by-side of the reality dancers and the last animated series — which is likewise even more remarkable since it’s performed in one take.

Encanto follows a wonderful household in Colombia, where each of the members is blessed with an amazing present — other than for adventurous Mirabel. When the magic is threatened, Mirabel sets out to wait, diving into household tricks and bonds. The motion picture premiered in theaters on Nov. 24 and struck Disney Plus on Christmas eve.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.