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SHREVEPORT, La. – Trinity Bluff is a brand-new community in the structure stage in Shreveport, and it will be it’s own microgrid within the SWEPCO grid.

It lies on Old Mooringsport Highway near the North Highlands location. KTBS fulfilled with SWEPCO to discuss this first-of-a-kind community for the business. 

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“We kind of refer to that as being islanded,” stated SWEPCO customer programs marketing planner Chelsea Adcock. “It’s the ability to disconnect this community and these 82 homes from the larger grid, if necessary.”

This pilot program is led by SWEPCO, which is partnering with DSLD Houses to bring the houses to life. DSLD has a big existence in Shreveport and Bossier city with 8 communities currently integrated in the location. 

“DSLD has always thrived on finding energy efficient products and qualities for our homes,” stated Angela Ryan, DSLD contractor sales agent for Trinity Bluff. “So we were happy to get in on this deal.”

This brand-new community will be a very first for the DSLD also, however it’s not far off from what they intend to do.

Chelsea Adcock

Chelsea Adcock

“We’ve always been known for building quality homes that are energy efficient with, you know, a very affordable price,” stated Ryan. “This kind of takes us to the next level.”

What makes this community various is making use of photovoltaic panels. A solar variety will be set up on a bluff behind the community.

SWEPCO authorities stated it was land that would not have actually had the ability to be utilized to put houses on. That solar variety will be constructed to power the houses and link to the grid.

“We’re looking at having about 750 kilowatts worth of panels,” stated Adcock. “That’ll feed into a battery storage system. And then there’s a battery management system that will deploy the electricity that’s stored in those batteries,”

Lots of keep in mind the effect that the winter season storm in February had on houses and companies. A lot of were left with out electrical energy. This solar variety might assist the community because kind of scenario.

Angela Ryan

Angela Ryan

“The idea of the solar array with the backup battery storage system, is to test it and see, okay, if there is a larger extended outage on the grid, how much electricity is needed to feed these homes to help them ride through the outage for when power can be restored,” stated Adcock.

The solar variety will serve Trinity Bluff however likewise the bigger SWEPCO grid. There will likewise be solar energy street lights. Houses will have an air source heatpump that transforms cooling systems to develop heat in the summer season.

Smart thermostats, LED lighting and induction cook tops will likewise be positioned into houses making them energy effective. SWEPCO is preparing to watch on how these products and the solar variety will assist homeowners and their pockets in time. 

DSLD map

“Being able to compare existing energy efficient DSLD homes, to the higher efficiency, DSLD, the homes in this community and then also seeing how the different technologies within the home help lower and manage a customer’s SWEPCO bill every month,” stated Adcock.

The design houses are set to be finished in between August and September. Houses location currently being offered to those who wish to reside in the community. Those ought to be prepared to relocate around the August and September also.

The houses remain in the $252,990 – $318,990  variety. You can get in touch with DSLD houses if you have an interest in the Trinity Bluff community.  Click on this link to check out the DSLD website for Trinity Bluff. 

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.