New Pokémon Snap: Turn off voices when you’ve had your fill of Phil

New Pokémon Snap is a wondrous experience through the natural world of Pokémon, and an essential for any Nintendo Change owner who enjoys to capture ’em all. And while the video game provides near-endless thrills while letting you play as a budding Pokémon professional photographer, New Pokémon Snap likewise has its imperfections. These consist of speaking parts for characters like Phil and Rita.

I am not a fan of Phil, the video game’s envious competing photog, or the excessively chipper Rita. And for as much as I delight in Teacher Mirror’s preoccupied teacher qualities, hearing him state “Nice work” and “A new discovery!” a lots times in a row begins to grate — particularly after 30-plus hours of video game time.

The good news is, you can shut off the voices totally in New Pokémon Snap for a little solitude. (The alternative exists to utilize Japanese-language voices too, however I discovered it less soothing than overall silence.)

To completely silence Phil, Rita, Teacher Mirror, and pals, go to Settings > Noise > Language for Character Voices > No voices.

If you’d likewise choose to speak with Phil and the gang less regularly throughout your journeys throughout the Lental Area, you can likewise change the number pop-up messages from folks back at camp. That implies less remarks from Phil about how he’s going to get a much better shot of Pinsir next time and how you shouldn’t have actually gotten that shot of Scorbunny (however likewise no cautions from Prof. Mirror if you’re about to lack memory). Go to Settings > Video Game > Nav-Com, where you can select from Frequently (the typical rate of irritating messages), Often (a periodic push), and Hardly ever (sweet silence).

For more useful tips on how to make your Lental journey more enjoyable, have a look at Polygon’s New Pokémon Snap guides.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.