New Mario Kart 8 speedrun makes fans ‘blue yourself’

When it concerns Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there’s no higher danger to the crown than a challenger holding a terrifying blue shell. However the most recent speedrunning feeling for the Nintendo Change racing video game doesn’t simply accept the blue shell — fans are actively attempting to target themselves.

The appropriately-named “Blue Yourself” speedrun category has simple rules: get a blue shell, blast yourself in single-player mode. It doesn’t count if the computer hits you with a shell — it has to be you. It also doesn’t count if you simply happen to get caught in the radius of a shell targeting a different character.

The jokey classification appears to be fairly active within the last two weeks, with most of the records set within the last few days. On Thursday, a brand-new world record was established by SkillozGaming, who blue Link in a mere 39 seconds. As expected, Link needs to drag far behind the competitors to even get an opportunity at the shell. When in location, Link tosses the shell and rapidly improves himself to top place. Voila. He blue himself. And on Mario Day, too — the record is dated March 10. Is absolutely nothing spiritual any longer?

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.