New Berlin woman, 91, collecting 1 million pop tabs for charity

BRAND-NEW BERLIN — Actually one by one, 91-year-old Ruth Hana is counting to one million, however it recommends a great cause.

Hana, from New Berlin, is gathering one million pop tabs to contribute to the Ronald McDonald Home Charities.

“I just wanted to give,” Hana stated.

Offering is what Hana does finest. In 2011, she completed a thirty-year journey of gathering one million cans for charity. The City of Milwaukee honored her by declaring June 6, 2011 as Ruth Hana Day. That’s simply among 12 days in honor of her.

Hana is well on her method to one million. She has about 330,000 pop tabs up until now. She makes regular drop-offs to the Ronald McDonald Home in Milwaukee, which recycles the pop tabs to assist balance out the expenses of running your home.

She lives at the ProHealth Regency Senior Citizen Communities in New Berlin. Considering that the neighborhood captured wind of her effort, everybody has actually been pitching in. That, along with her other contributions of pop tabs, has actually assisted her accelerate her collection procedure.

Nevertheless, back then, you might have discovered Hana diving through dumpsters at Miller Park to discover tabs.

“I know when I went to Miller Park, it’s really funny, sometimes I would almost fall down into those dumpsters,” she stated.

Ruth understood the worth of what she was providing for these kids and households. Ruth matured in an orphanage and never ever understood her household.

“Christmas would come and I would cry that I had nobody to celebrate with. My birthday came and passed, same thing.”

So on the couple of events she has actually fulfilled individuals she assisted, “The mother is just overwhelmed.”

She felt a genuine connection.

“They’re kind of my family,” she says.

Which is why she continues to count all the way to a million, not because the city of Milwaukee has declared 12 honorary Ruth Hana Days, but because it’s the right thing to do.

“It’s not what you get, it’s what you give that counts.”

You can assist Ruth Hana on her objective by dropping off pop tabs at the Regency New Berlin Senior Citizen Apartments at 13750 W. National Ave., in New Berlin.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.