New Back 4 Blood video explains card system, AI-powered Game Director

The developers of the initial Left 4 Dead have a brand-new zombie shooter, Back 4 Blood, coming this fall. The video game will amp up the intricacy (and, the designers hope, the replayability) of Left 4 Dead’s formula with the addition of a card system concentrated on gameplay modification.

As detailed in a brand-new YouTube video, each run of Back 4 Blood is driven by what designer Turtle Rock is calling the Video game Director (Left 4 Dead’s variation of that system was called the AI Director). Back 4 Blood’s Video game Director will play its own set of cards that can customize ecological conditions (e.g., playing in a blackout), include difficulties, and send out unique opponents like armored or flaming zombies. The video reveals the Video game Director tossing anomalies like the Hag and armored Tall Boys at gamers, increase the problem. Throughout gameplay, the Video game Director will work behind the scenes to keep an eye on gamers’ actions, health, and options to make each playthrough distinct.

Gamers will have cards of their own to play. There will be pre-made decks and “vast customization” through cards, Turtle Rock states, letting gamers pick from character advantages (e.g., limitless secondary ammunition, health from Bomb eliminates) and enthusiasts that they’ve made through gameplay. The designer assures “tons of different cards you can earn” by taking on optional difficulties and goals.

You can find out more about Back 4 Blood’s gameplay systems in our hands-on sneak peek of the video game from December.

Back 4 Blood is pertaining to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on Oct. 12, after a quick hold-up.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.