New and Noteworthy—What I Read This Week: Edition 137

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Research Study of the Week

Going meatless hardly minimizes carbon footprint, which’s presuming all the meat consumed is traditionally raised in feedlots.

A high-fat, low-carb, high-protein diet plan with 2 days of fasting weekly was safe for clients with brain cancer.

According to the labels, plant-based “meat” is the very same as beef, however when you look more carefully…

The hereditary architecture of COVID vulnerability.

Animal protein beats plant protein.

New Primal Plan Podcasts

Episode 505: Alex Terranova: Host Elle Russ talks with Alex Terranova, the Dream Mason. Fantastic name.

Episode 506: Microworkouts to Increase Physical Fitness, Boost Daily Activity, and Avoid Burnout: Host Brad Kearns discusses the power of microworkouts.

Health Coach Radio: Dr. Tro is an MD who utilizes health coaches more than prescriptions.


Media, Schmedia

Strong link in between brain cancer and mobile phone.

Excellent sleep is vital for brain health and durability.

Fascinating Blog Site Posts

The establishing story of humankind.

Mongongo nuts.

Social Notes

Great summary of the phony meat versus genuine meat research study.

Whatever Else

Pre-sleep protein is great for weight loss.

Spiders consume a great deal of snakes.

Things I’m Up to and Thinking about

One does question: What’s the offer with ear wax?

Fascinating older paper: The one where they dealt with soft tissue calcification with oral and topical magnesium.

States everything: “…current evidence regarding the effect of meat consumption on health is potentially confounded.”

Fascinating piece: How to construct a village in Texas.

Fantastic story: The yogurt mafia.

Concern I’m Asking

Will you consume plastic-fed cows?

Dish Corner

  • Ful medames, an Egyptian fava bean meal.
  • Thai yellow curry with eggplant that’s vegetarian as composed however can quickly manage meat.

Time Pill

One year ago (Jul 3 – Jul 9)

  • Appetite and Satiety Hormonal Agents — Why are we starving?
  • Is Avocado Oil Helpful For You? Advantages for Hair, Skin, Cooking, and More — Why you ought to utilize it.

Remark of the Week

“I believe you missed one key point Volunteering for a cause. The hours per week can be a few or you can do 40.”

-Yes, you are proper there, Jim.

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