New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week — Edition 134

Research Study of the Week

OLED is a little much better than LED for body clocks, however not by much.

Weight problems drove the pandemic.

Some gut germs metabolize cholesterol.

Plant “milk” causes iodine shortage. Cow milk causes sufficiency.

Guy are most likely to make severe choices and modifications than ladies.

New Primal Plan Podcasts

Episode 498: Cynthia Thurlow: Host Elle Russ talks with Cynthia Thurlow, worldwide acknowledged specialist in nutrition and periodic fasting.

Health Coach Radio: Erin and Laura chat with Michelle Knight, individual branding expert.

Media, Schmedia

65 grams of red meat a day is a ludicrous limitation.

The significance of biological sex in biology research study.

Intriguing Blog Site Posts

When will we stop “being surprised” that gut germs impact neurological function and advancement?

Does church lower alcohol and drug abuse?

Social Notes

Don’t these foods noise familiar?

Don’t do this, folks. Noise off if squeamish (however a great lesson).

Whatever Else

Seems like magic.

Awakening an hour early might decrease anxiety threat.


Things I’m Up to and Thinking about

This is why I quick: Liver gets more insulin delicate, rest of body more resistant.

Famous last words: “Healthier food.”

Helpful For them: A member of the FDA’s specialist panel resigned over the panel’s approval of an Alzheimer’s drug that doesn’t work, most likely damages, and is extremely costly.

However sure, modernity is perfect and whatever is much better than it was: Travelers are too heavy for planes.

Amazing: Simone Biles in sluggish movement.

Concern I’m Asking

Are you an early morning individual?

Dish Corner

Time Pill

One year ago (Jun 5 – Jun 11)

Remark of the Week

“Sun exposure – totally depends where you live. Here in New Zealand you can get seriously sunburnt in about 10 minutes in summer between the hours of around 10am – 3pm, especially if you are pale. You can actually feel the sun burning your skin immediately. I NEVER sit directly in the sun and don’t go into the sun without sunscreen and a hat. We have the highest rates of melanoma in the world.”

-Crucial remark from Monica.

Primal Kitchen 7 Days, 7 Salads Challenge

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