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NeuroFit Gym offers exercise for people with brain disorders, spinal cord injuries and more

“As an experienced therapist, working in the neurological world, exercise is very important for anybody that has a neurological disorder. Research shows that you need 150 minutes a week of moderate to high-intensity exercise. With that being said, that is something that’s very hard to do if you have lower extremities that don’t work, or if you have one side of your body that doesn’t work,” she said.

“With Colleen and I being PTs we set ourselves apart because we know how the brain works, and we know how the body works, and we also are able to adapt and come up with ways to get that cardio component of what everybody with a neurological disorder needs,” Bertram said.

She said getting to know the clients, and understanding the various neurological disorders, gives them a broader understanding of what factors might impact a person, or what they need on a daily, biweekly or triweekly basis.

“The cardio aspect, or the moderate to high-intensity exercise is really the key component that allows the brain to recover, and it enables the person to improve or maintain what they have without losing it. That’s the key component that a lot of people don’t get, and we’ve had success with it. And that’s just research based,” Bertram said.

Every client is different, Bertram said, so The NeuroFit Gym meets with each person in the beginning to find out more about them and their individual goals.

“What we’re allowed to do in our gym is different than being insurance based, because we can do a ‘whole person’ exercise session,” said Bertram.

A client might come in and do puzzles for their brain, or some sessions are devoted to education and stretching, depending on how a person is feeling that day.

“We will adapt, and they always feel better when they leave, which is a lot more fun for us, and everybody is different. We really just cater to the needs of each person,” she said.


Visit for class times. Individual sessions are also available. The NeuroFit Gym is located at 4155 Tonya Trail in Liberty Twp. in Butler County.

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