Netflix’s The Cuphead Show! teaser reveals King Dice in musical action

A computer game based upon phony animations now has its own genuine animation series. Netflix debuted a very first try to find the The Cuphead Program! on Friday throughout its Geeked Week discussion, assuring more of the 1950s design that made the computer game so excellent.

As veteran Cuphead gamers may anticipate, The Cuphead Program! will follow the experiences of Cuphead and his partner Mugman. The 2 get up to all type of wild shenanigans consisting of crossing courses with the fiendish bettor and the bad guy of the initial video game, The Devil himself. The tease provides fans their very first take a look at how director Cosmo Segurson (Rocko’s Modern Life: Fixed Cling) and his animation group equated StudioMDHR’s retro gameplay for the little screen, and (re)presents King Dice, voiced by Wayne Brady.

Netflix initially teased The Cuphead Program! at the 2020 Annecy Animation Celebration, where Segurson, manufacturer Dave Wasson (Mickey Mouse Shorts), and art director Andrea Fernandez discussed how they discovered their method into adjusting the video game.

“The IP of the game is unbelievable and it did set up some relationships,” Wesson discussed at the time, “but we’ve taken it into another place that is really about the two brothers. They actually talk and they interact with people and they don’t just shoot people, we promise!”

According to Segurson, the program will blend familiar characters and places with brand name brand-new aspects developed simply for the story, which his group developed as something of a prequel to the video game. “All the bosses in the game, we’ve tried to integrate into our project,” he stated. “Not to give away any spoilers, but figuring out that relationship between Cup and Mugman and the characters that everyone’s familiar with in the game, and giving them a voice and giving them a backstory. That’s been a really fun challenge for the team.”

When It Comes To their own animation motivations, Fernandez kept in mind that the group particularly took a look at the 1935 Disney Ridiculous Symphonies brief “Music Land,” the colorized Popeye animations, and Fleischer Studios’ Superman shorts. “Everything, not just the paintings, but the color palette, the effects, the way we handle props, the linework, everything is looked at from a lens of like, could they have done this in the 30s? Could they have pulled this off? If it feels like it’s too modern or not possible for them to have done then we kind of pull back and reassess,” she stated.

The Cuphead Program! is anticipated to premiere later on this year on Netflix.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.