Netflix’s Lupin Part 2 trailer has Assane Diop searching for his son

France’s brand-new preferred burglar is back in a brand-new trailer for Netflix’s Lupin. The trailer is for Lupin Part 2, which will continue the action of the program’s very first season when it debuts on June 11.

The brand-new trailer gets right where things ended for Lupin’s hero, the gentleman burglar Assane Diop — who designs himself after the famous French burglar the series is called after. While trying to expose the criminal past of Hubert Pellegrini, Assane has actually put the life of his kid in risk, and Hubert’s thugs have actually abducted him. However while Assane needs to try to outmaneuver Hubert and recover his kid, it appears the cops want Assane also, based upon the reality that the trailer calls him the most desired guy in France.

Of course, since this is Lupin, everything about Assane’s dangerous games is handled with incredible style and outstanding costumes. In reality, the whole trailer leads up to the expose that Hubert will be hosting a huge occasion in hopes of drawing Assane into the pageantry.

Lupin Part 1 premiered previously this year on Netflix and ran for 5 episodes. The program’s 2nd part will be launched simultaneously on the streaming service on June 11, and is set to include 5 episodes also.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.