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Nearly 40% Of People Love This Type Of Group Fitness Class

Unlike your memories of high school gym classes, fitness classes strive to be inclusive and informative for people of all body types and skill levels. But which class do people prefer to attend? According to The List’s survey, the most popular fitness class is yoga. Johns Hopkins Medicine reports that yoga classes promote physical and mental health, with a focus on healing, balance, and strength through various poses and stretches. Yoga classes are also super accessible, with over 7,000 studios registered in the United States, according to The Good Body. Many gyms also offer yoga classes led by seasoned instructors, for those with a gym pass looking to shake up their daily workout rituals.

In second place, with nearly 30% of the vote were cycling classes — a popular option for people looking for an intense cardio workout. Peloton workout bikes and classes have become a popular option for those who love fitness classes but prefer the comfort of their own home. In third place was pilates with 15.36% of the vote, followed by High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with 8.20%, and Barre classes in last place with 7.33% of the vote.

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