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Naomi Watts hopes her menopause beauty brand can provide some balance | Entertainment

Naomi Watts wants her menopause beauty brand to balance “humour” and “real feelings”.

The 54-year-old actress – who co-founded ONDA Beauty – has teamed up with Em and Friends for a line of funny menopause greeting cards as a fundraiser for the Alliance For Period Supplies, while she’s also launching a menopause wellness brand Stripes on October 18.

Reflecting on the greeting card idea, she told Entertainment Weekly: “Well, the artist has been around for a while, and so we joined forces with her. We thought it was a great way to get the community going.

“If you open that door just a little bit, you’ll be surprised by how many people are really ready to talk about [menopause].

“Humour diffuses awkwardness and pain — we know that to be true already. And certainly, that was how I saw the vision of the brand. It had to have humour.

“We want it to be a place that people come and b**** and moan and have real feelings but also laugh at ourselves and make it somehow more bearable.”

Naomi admitted she has already “sent a good handful” to her friends, and she doesn’t think people should be worried about sending one to someone who might tell them they haven’t actually started the menopause yet.

She laughed: “Just say, ‘Well, soon you will!’ Half the population will be going through menopause [at some point].

“The mission of the brand is to end the stigma, and get rid of the confusion and the mystery, and to debunk myths.

“We want to get it as normalised as we possibly can because we’re living longer. We live decades after menopause, which is not the case of how it used to be. It really has to become an open conversation.”

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