Myths And Misconceptions About Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is now a teenage queen with an assortment of gorgeous looks. In addition to her teenage look, Kylie is also an attention-getting fashionista with her glamorous gowns and supermodel looks.

Although it’s fair to say that Kylie does not take any mistakes seriously, you may be surprised to know that there are many areas where Kylie has made mistakes. You can see her mistakes in the following topics:

* The social media gaffes: In addition to posting a lot of photos of Kylie and her siblings, Kylie also has an obsession with posting pictures of herself and her sister in their bathing suits. In some of these pictures, she looks like she’s straddling one on top of the other, but in reality she is not even close to being able to do so.

* Choosing the wrong make up for photos: Many of the pictures of Kylie have her in slightly wrong, make up, or doesn’t use any make up at all. The main problem here is that Kylie is unsure of her own appearance and is trying to make herself look better than she actually is.

* Making Kylie looks like she’s shorter than she is: Unlike many celebrities who are praised for being taller than their height would indicate, Kylie appears to be only a couple of inches shorter than her brother, Isaiah. This shows that despite the size difference, Kylie is still managing to manage her appearance and looks well above the average height for a teenager.

* Being confused about the way to get into hair salons: Kylie is not even a trained cosmetician, and yet she’s still clueless about how to get into salons without looking like a complete stranger. While it’s not really Kylie’s fault, it is a clear illustration of just how unfamiliar she is with the world of cosmetology.

* Not wearing a make up when in public: One of the major mistakes that Kylie makes is wearing a heavy make up and hair dress that she could have done without at all. A make up kit is a waste of money if you’re not going to wear it, which Kylie did not do.

* Trying to look more mature than she actually is: Kylie’s ability to appear young and beautiful is often seen as her greatest strength and one of the areas where she is most talked about. However, at the same time, her inability to deal with her body image and looks are something that can become a problem.

* Confusing clothes with makeup: Kylie regularly wears the same clothes every day of the week, and she doesn’t seem to realize that she is actually wearing a total different make up look than the clothes she is wearing. Because she keeps buying the same items of clothing over again, she does not learn what to do and what not to do with her looks, which is probably one of the worst things that could happen to a person who wants to look great.

* Being a poor judge of color: Despite being one of the most popular beauty superstars on the planet, Kylie has the misfortune of having one of the worst judgment of color around. She has an obsession with certain colors, and feels that she knows what she should wear based on her preference, and what is considered appropriate by society.

* Not knowing how to carry herself: Kylie appears to care less about how she looks on the outside, and more about how she looks on the inside. Kylie is always too embarrassed to display a little cleavage, and her attitude is only very marginally redeeming.

These mistakes may not be bad enough to seriously harm her career, but they do add up, and it is certainly not good for Kylie Jenner to make mistakes in these areas. As Kylie wrote, Kylie “fools” all of us.