My Universe – Interior Designer Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Paint colours, home furnishings, design, interior decoration, you select each and every information.

Talk with your customers to discover more about the hopes, dreams and choices they have for their houses. You’re going to need to remodel their homes and finish the objective goals to please their requirements. The better they are with your work, the more your prestige and level will increase! Slowly, you’ll open brand-new products, designs, ornamental possibilities and larger tasks.

Throughout your experience, you can play in 2 various modes: remodelling mode where you can alter the structure of your home by tearing down or installing walls, using up wood or tiled floor covering, painting, altering the wall coverings, repairing the electrics or including brand-new water inlets.

You can likewise change to design mode where you can select and place the home furnishings, plants, carpets, wallpaper, drapes, and so on. It depends on you to include genuine character to your home. And if you desire, you’ll have the possibility to work by yourself tasks! Select the structure of your home: apartment or condo, studio, home or duplex and embellish it nevertheless you like.

Over to you now. Get your brushes and toolkit and get embellishing to produce the most welcoming and elegant houses possible.


-Male or lady, personalise and call your character and established your firm. It depends on you to compose your own story.
-Refurbish, change and embellish your customers’ houses based on their character and finish the goals to enhance.
-Play mini-games based upon remodelling work.
-Open brand-new products and ornamental designs as you level-up and create your own house.
-Discover a variety of designs, wall and flooring and a variety of home furnishings to reveal your imagination.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.