My Pillow Guy Says Twitter Stole His Account and Retweeted Things Without His Permission

Quickly after he influenced an insurrection, Twitter completely prohibited Donald Trump from their services. A lot of Trump’s many ardent fans, however,m have actually still had the ability to utilize the site.

Mike Lindell, the creator of My Pillow, may be Trump’s greatest fan. And he has actually ended up being progressively unhinged considering that the ex-President lost the election back in November.

And thanks to his progressively insane tweets, Lindell was prohibited from Twitter on Tuesday. Prior to his restriction entered into action, the pillow business owner states, the site hacked into his account and retweeted things with his consent.

Lindell made the remarks throughout an interview on the Bernie and Sid Program. He started, “Well I’ve been fighting Jack Dorsey and Twitter and Facebook and you wouldn’t believe that about two weeks ago, or three weeks ago when I, when they had that new evidence of the [voting] machine fraud, I put that up on Twitter.”


The unhinged pillow salesperson continued, “Now they took my Twitter down there for about seven or about 12 hours, when it came down I put it up again. And this time, I want everyone to listen to this, they took my Twitter, or they took me off of Twitter, but they left my account up there and they were running it.” 

Lindell ended the tirade, “They would retweet things under my name. And they would retweet things so they wouldn’t type things under, but they and then I tried to take stuff down, and I got a letter from Twitter Germany, I said, or was the email, and it said, ‘You are not allowed to take this down. Penal Code 601 of the Twitter code,’ I said, ‘what is going on?”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.