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Most Difficult PlayStation Trophies To Unlock From December 2022’s Games

December 2022’s game lineup brought everything from massive RPGs to horror titles, with a few challenging Trophies sprinkled throughout.

2023 has begun, and though it is going to be packed with exciting new video game releases, many players could be more focused on clearing their backlogs. This extends to Trophy hunters, as PlayStation fans looking to expand their collections have several new lists to work on thanks to December’s games. Alongside several easy Trophy games, some major AAA releases and PS Plus titles give players a few legitimate challenges.

Difficult Trophies can come in a few different forms, ranging from lengthy grinds to tough objectives that demand a lot of skill and full mastery of the game’s mechanics. With December’s new releases and Essential PlayStation Plus games covering numerous genres, it is not surprising that there was a good variety of demanding Trophy tasks for those who care about collecting as many impressive achievements as possible.


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Most Difficult Trophies To Unlock in December 2022’s PS Plus Games


Of the essential PlayStation Plus games, Mass: Effect Legendary Edition was the most high-profile game of all. While each game has a distinct list with its own Platinum, the full Trilogy has its own set of Trophies. These DLC Trophies are not required for any of the Platinums, but unlocking them is a great way for players to prove they are the most dedicated Mass Effect fans. Of these bonus Trophies, “Insanity III” is the hardest, as players have to finish all the games on the highest difficulty. Insanity mode is no joke, so players will need to save regularly and make good use of cover to get through some of the harder fights.

Biomutant lacks anything nearly as challenging as Insanity mode, so the only somewhat tough tasks players will encounter are grindy ones like meeting every NPC for “Social” or finding every old world gadget for “Old World Gadgets.” The final game in the essential PS Plus lineup from December, Divine Knockout, has a few grindy objectives. Players need 100 wins for “Victorious Gold” and 20 rebound knockouts for “Rebound.” While not painfully time-consuming by any means, both take some effort.

Most Difficult Trophies To Unlock in December 2022’s New Releases

callisto protocol key art

Striking Distance’s divisive debut title The Callisto Protocol has a surprisingly easy Trophy list, as players can get every achievement in just one playthrough with a guide prepared. However, this includes beating the game on Maximum Security difficulty, which sees players dying in just a few hits. Though this is not overly hard if players make sure to conserve their ammo, it does help to know where enemies spawn, so saving “The Protocol is About Life” for a second run through the game could be wise.

Need For Speed Unbound would be another case of an easy but grindy list, except the “Full House” Trophy requires seven players to accept a race invite from the achievement hunter. Unfortunately, boosting with friends will only go so far, as they can only fill three of the slots. This means that four random players will have to join, and to make matters worse, they have to stick around for a full 3-race series. As a result, this Trophy demands a ton of luck. Fortunately, the well-received Marvel’s Midnight Suns – December’s other big game release – has a time-consuming but simple list.

Lastly, though Overwatch 2’s early access period began in October 2022, its second Season – and new Tank hero Ramattra – arrived in December. As with other hero additions, the character received two Trophies for players to work on. “Any Means” is simple, as players just need to use Ramattra’s Ultimate decently well, though “Incomparable Pain” is far tougher. This is because players need to block a ton of damage in one use of the block button while in Nemesis mode, which requires a lot of luck. They also have to survive after the damage has been blocked, which is easier said than done. While not as problematic as “Full House” in Need for Speed Unbound, doing this without boosting could prove tough for PlayStation fans.

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