Moonglow Bay is the fishing RPG you’ve been waiting for

If the pandemic has actually benefited anything, it’s triggering entirely mysterious fascinations and pastimes that just last a couple of weeks prior to I proceed to the next glossy thing. For a while, among my fascinations was discovering a great fishing video game.

Now, I’ve been crabbing prior to with my household. I understand that real fishing is not the peaceful, meditative experience that computer game condense into stylish minigames. Genuine fishing can be uninteresting as hell, and if you get some action, it can be gross and foul-smelling. Plus there’s the entire eliminating a living animal as a pastime thing. Certainly some individuals simply toss fish back, however dealing with untidy elements like pulling a hook out of a twitching fish’s mouth isn’t precisely my concept of enjoyable.

However consider what fishing is as an concept. Doesn’t it sound relaxing and possibly meditative? Why isn’t there a video game that take advantage of that sensation while removing away the unglamorous elements of fishing? Sure, there’s a long list of RPGs that tuck fishing away as an alternative in a bigger experience, however I was struck by the reality that I couldn’t call a single video game that passed an ambiance check while likewise making fishing into the whole focus.

At the time, I did some general research study and discovered some alternatives, however they weren’t precisely what I was trying to find. There were hyper-realistic video games, which drew the romanticism out of the concept of fishing, along with some older video games that were just playable on devices I don’t own. I was encouraged there should be more individuals like me out there, who have no desire to get seasick IRL however would purchase a wholesome fishing video game in a heart beat.

All of this to state I am psyched to see the statement of Moonglow Bay, an upcoming role-playing video game starring a novice angler. Fishing isn’t simply a cool interruption here — it’s the whole property of the voxel video game, according to the video game’s description on Steam:

With your journal and rod in hand, check out the outermost reaches of the ocean, from freezing glaciers to boiling geysers, and find out to cast internet, set traps and fish through ice, recording over 100 differed marine types while revealing the tricks of Moonglow Bay.

It’s like designer Bunnyhug heard my prayers. While there’s an overarching story that mentions some unusual, magical animals you can capture, the total ambiance of the video game appears much chiller than that. You’ll be worried with things like cooking your catch of the day, updating your boat, and nourishing relationships with the townsfolk. Plus, there’s co-op.

There’s no set release date, however it’s concerning Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X (by means of Xbox Video game Pass) at some point in 2021. Evaluating by the success of franchises like Story of Seasons or Stardew Valley, and the larger fascination with cottagecore over the in 2015, there’s plainly a market for more kinds of slice-of-life video games like this.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.