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Monty Python’s Silly Walks could be the key to reaching your exercise goals

“People could engage in periodic bursts of inefficient walking, perhaps lasting only a few minutes at a time, at times and places that are most convenient for them,” the scientists say. 

“In fact, inefficient walking can be performed entirely indoors. This might appeal to those who live in places where outdoor spaces for recreation are inaccessible or unsafe, or indeed to people who are hesitant to engage in inefficient walking in public.

“Had an initiative to promote inefficient movement been adopted in the early 1970s, we might now be living among a healthier society. 

“Efforts to promote higher energy— and perhaps more joyful—walking should ensure inclusivity and inefficiency for all.”

Teabag walking everyday would ‘likely reduce mortality risk’

Data show that the Teabag walk was around 2.5 times better at burning calories than normal walking. 

The team found that 11 minutes of walking like Teabag a day would reach NHS guidelines for minimal levels of exercise, which would “likely reduce mortality risk”.

Previous research has found that 60 minutes a week of vigorous intensity physical activity is associated with a lower risk of all cause mortality of about 10 per cent. 

Current NHS guidance states that adults should aim to be active every day, and also that adults should undertake 150 minutes of moderately intense activity (such as a brisk walk) or 75 minutes of vigorous activity (such as running) every week.

Other examples of vigorous activity which helps reach this threshold are going to the gym and running, but also walking up the stairs, swimming or skipping. 

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