Monster Harvest Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

A farming experience with a twist!
Prepare yourself to set out on an experience of a life time as you begin a brand-new life in Planimal Point. Establish your own farm, develop, and personalize your own home, craft your own furnishings, make some scrumptious jams and alter your crops to develop devoted and intense buddies you can take into fight!

Discover and Fight Planimals
Discover and Fight Planimals
Throughout your journey through Planimal Point you’ll find odd Slimes which can alter your crops in methods you would never ever have actually thought of! Depending upon the season, the Slime or the crop you alter, you’ll have the ability to develop approximately 72 various anomalies!
Planimals are devoted altered crops that remain at hand through thick and thin. They’ll be an essential buddy to you as you experience throughout Planimal Point, participating in exhilarating turn-based fights and checking out dungeons as you attempt to lower the wicked SlimeCo.

Whatever the Weather condition!

Planimal Point has 3 distinct seasons which will impact the method you play, with odd weather condition and seasons moving what you can grow – keep an eye out for the odd anomalies as they alter by season!

There are several various methods to develop and personalize the very best farm in Beast Harvest! Craft and location lots of products and take your farm to the next level by crafting artisanal products! Open the watering pipelines, the pickler, and more to turn your newly collected crops into items prepared for market.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.