MLB The Show’s Jackie Robinson edition has next-gen console upgrade

Sony San Diego Studio’s MLB The Program 21 — revealed on Monday with a groundbreaking launch on Xbox Series X this April — will use a scandal sheet for both consoles with a classic image of Jackie Robinson beautifying the cover. This collector’s edition will use variations of the video game for both brand-new consoles and their predecessors.

The Jackie Robinson Edition is $84.99, releases 4 days prior to the basic video game’s April 20 release, and consists of a steelbook video game case plus a plan of add-on material. A Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition, for $99.99, includes an MLB The Show-branded baseball cap — both IRL and as a gamer cosmetic in the video game’s Diamond Dynasty mode.

A Digital Deluxe Edition, which does not have the physical products and the in-game cap, however provides a lot more Diamond Dynasty gamer packs and in-game currency, is being used at $99.99. It, too, launches April 16 and covers both console generations.

All downloadable editions of the video game are offered for pre-order in The Microsoft Shop in addition to the PlayStation Shop.

Sony Interactive Home entertainment America stated that every copy of a Jackie Robinson edition offered in the U.S. will reserve a $1 contribution to The Jackie Robinson Structure, and will develop the JRF MLB The Program Scholars program, part of the structure’s general scholarship program.

Jackie Robinson’s 42, used with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 to 1956, was retired by all 30 Big league Baseball groups in 1997, in observance of the 50th anniversary of the year he incorporated the big leagues. Considering that 2004, nevertheless, all baseball gamers use No. 42 in video games played April 15 — Jackie Robinson Day — a homage that also occurs in MLB the Program.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.