Minecraft Realms are down, leaving adventurers disappointed

Minecraft’s Worlds, the main online servers for the block structure sandbox video game, are down. Gamers are reporting that they have actually been not able to access their Worlds for over twelve hours. Polygon can validate these reports; I have actually been not able to access my own individual World considering that Wednesday early morning. The mistake message merely checks out “Unable to connect to world.”

These failures do not seem constant to any one time; some gamers have actually reported that they have actually been not able to access their World considering that Wednesday, whereas others state the problem just began on Thursday.

Worlds is a function that’s just offered on the Bedrock variation of the video game. Java Minecraft and other personal servers do not seem having any concerns at the minute. Worlds need a month-to-month membership, and can have up to 10 active gamers, along with the host.

Mojang has actually acknowledged the interruption in a tweet, composing that the designer’s engineers are “actively investigating Realms reports.” Polygon got in touch with Microsoft for more details, however was referred back to the initial tweet.

Since Worlds need a month-to-month membership, some fans are a little disappointed that they’re not able to get online. Up until we get an upgrade from Mojang, we won’t understand what the specific problem is, however gamers ought to feel confident they’re not alone, and the issue isn’t on their end.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.