Mike Pence And Top Republicans In Congress Blow Off Trump’s Farewell

Trump desired a huge crowd for his goodbye occasion, however his own vice president and leading Republican politicians in Congress are blowing him off.

Via the CBS Night News:

Pence took the uncommon action of launching his public schedule early ahead of Trump to make sure that everybody understood that he would be participating in the inauguration, not Donald Trump’s goodbye occasion.

Donald Trump still believes that he can draw a huge crowd and relieve his ego with a huge crowd of fans to see him off back to Florida, however it ends up that Trump is radioactive now, and leading Republicans desire absolutely nothing to do with him.

Trump is so lessened that a primetime goodbye address to the nation was not even an alternative. He is the very first president to have his goodbye gotten rid of to YouTube.

Donald Trump started his presidency in front of a mainly empty nationwide shopping mall,, and he will end it at what appears like it will be a most empty Andrews Flying force Base as America is sending out the message that it is time for Trump to go out.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.