Mike Lindell’s Unhinged Comments Won’t Help Him in Upcoming Dominion Lawsuit

Following the November election, individuals in MAGA world were desperate to extra Donald Trump’s sensations. It wasn’t Trump’s fault he lost, they declared, there was something squirrelly with the ballot makers.

While they might have made this claim, however, they had no proof to support their claims. And Rule the maker of the ballot makers started to threaten individuals in Trump world with suits.

Most of those called in the suits have, at the least, stopped making their claims. Conservative media station Newsmax just recently settled with Rule and provided and apology.

However Mike Lindell, the greatest conspiracy theorist of them all, has actually grown progressively unhinged. The pillow mogul just recently informed guests of a Cyclists for Trump occasion, “What is this ex-crack addict sitting next to the president? Jesus is real!”

The My Pillow creator then started to inform the audience about wonders that he’s seen. He then narrated about Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley and how an image of the 2 males assisted him grow closer to Jesus.

Lindell completed his tirade by declaring, “To get back in the news again, I want Dominion to sue me. I have all the evidence on them.” 

The pillow CEO has actually been making these claims for months. He has actually likewise produced more than one “documentary” about his conspiracy theory. And while he forecasts self-confidence personally, the suits don’t look assuring for Lindell.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.