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Mightier app uses video games to help kids’ mental health

A decade ago, researchers at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital started working to find a new therapy for children who have problems with emotional regulation. They wanted it to be a coping mechanism that was scientifically proven, and that kids would be excited to engage in.

They developed an app called Mightier that uses video games and a heart rate monitor to allow children to practice the skills they need to identify their emotions, reduce anxiety and calm down.

“They were working with lots of kids and families in Boston Children’s Hospital who needed more help with emotional regulation than they got just through therapy, and they did randomized trials with them to test it out,” said Emily Stone, a licensed social worker and lead clinical strategist at Mightier. “The families that used the app were reporting reduced outbursts and oppositional behavior from kids, which also decreased parents’ stress.”

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