Miesha Tate opens up about her COVID diagnosis and recovery

Previous females’s bantamweight champ Miesha Tate handles Ketlen Vieira in the UFC Vegas 43 centerpiece on Saturday.

The battle was initially slated to occur at UFC Battle Night 195 on Oct. 16, however Tate was displaced of the bout after evaluating favorable for COVID-19. Throughout a look on The Mixed Martial Arts Hour, Tate opened about what having COVID-19 resembled for her.

“It was like a bad cold. It was like a bad flu. I mean, it wasn’t anything scary, but it was no conducive to being in tip-top shape for a fight,” Tate stated.

“I was out for a solid week, really tired. It definitely moved down into my lungs, so I had lung congestion. I was coughing and hacking up all kinds of phlegm.”

Not just did Tate end up being ill with COVID-19, her kids likewise evaluated favorable for the infection.

“My kids came down with it after. I was probably four days into being sick and positive and sure enough, my daughter tested positive. My son tested positive. It was like a two-week spam where we didn’t even have any help because no one can come watch you kids. You can’t take them to school. You can’t take them to daycare. Nobody can come watch them, so it was about two weeks in total that I would have missed of that camp,” Tate stated.

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Once she evaluated favorable and wasn’t feeling well, Tate required time to recuperate. She’s not feeling any results heading into Saturday’s centerpiece.

“I could certainly see why it could be a problem if fighters are stupid and push themselves when they’re sick,” she stated. “Once I was testing negative and once I was clear of my quarantine I tried to do my strength and conditioning, what would have been on par with my schedule, and I was like 60 percent. I was struggling to get through it, and I just said, you know what, I need to let my body rest right now. I can not be in a training camp, or I think I’m going to put myself worse off.”

“That was a situation where I needed to sit back and let my body heal from COVID and get back to it at 100 percent instead of pushing myself and continuing to break myself down,” she stated.

Tate went back to the octagon in July for the very first time considering that November 2016 and got a TKO win over Marion Reneau. Tate right away leapt back in the females’s 135-pound rankings and a win over Vieira would move the 35-year old closer to her objective of recovering the title.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.