Microsoft Flight Simulator gets an F-15 add-on later this month

A third-party group of designers is making an F-15 Eagle add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. DC Styles notes a January release window on its site; YouTuber Obsidian Ant has currently took a crack at, and states it might be all set for customers as quickly as Jan. 18. You can view his test flight ingrained above and on YouTube.

The F-15 add-on will come with 4 variations of the renowned fourth-generation tactical fighter jet, consisting of the F-15C (air supremacy), D (combat-capable trailer), E (Strike Eagle), and I (a version utilized by the Israel Defense Forces). While virtual pilots will have the ability to pick and pack ordnance, it’s unclear if you’ll in fact have the ability to fire the weapons or release other type of payloads. Considered that the video game doesn’t even reveal a crash animation, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

While the F-15 can reaching Mach 2.5 (approximately 2,000 miles per hour), designers of the add-on say that Microsoft Flight Simulator presently has a barrier in location to avoid that. Polygon has actually connected to Asobo Studio for more information about that. Regardless, designers state there’s absolutely nothing stopping gamers from reaching those speeds if that barrier is gotten rid of, however if my experience with virtual truth is any sign — it was sickening on an Intel Core i7 laptop computer with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 and 32 GB RAM — it’s finest to do that just at high elevations.

I’ve pointed out how Microsoft Flight Simulator develops a totally various sort of landscape in the air. It utilizes real-time weather condition information to imitate cloud developments, and the outcomes are merely staggering. In an F-15, you’ll have the ability to check out the clouds a lot more efficiently.

While Microsoft Flight Simulator is heading to Xbox Series X this summertime, it’s not yet clear how third-party add-ons like this will make their method throughout to the brand-new console. Obsidian Ant includes that this won’t be a “study-level” simulation of what it’s like to in fact fly the fighter jet. For that, flight sim fans will wish to stick with platforms like DCS World.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.