Michelle Obama has a moving conversation with Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Zaya

Zaya, 13, recognizes as transgender. She asked Obama for guidance for “teens who want to be themselves and thrive.”

“I am just so proud of you, you know being just an amazing role model and embracing your truth, right?” the previous very first girl addressed.

“It does take time to know what yourself is, for young people. So, my first piece of advice is be patient with yourself, No. 1,” Obama stated. “This is the period of exploration, and sometimes we put too much pressure on teenagers to know who you’re going to be.”

She restated a repeating subject in her narrative and stated, “You’re not supposed to know yet. Your job now as a teenager is not to have it all figured out but to give yourself space and time to learn and grow. So that means you want to try a lot of things on.”

Both Obama and Zaya prompted youths to get out of their convenience zone.

“We all think we that we thrive with people who are just like us,” Zaya stated. “Getting a different perspective from someone else who isn’t like you really helps. And that definitely helped me in becoming me and defining my truth.”

In an Instagram post, Obama stated she hopes the adjustment of her book will be a discussion starter for young readers.

“Maybe it’ll open up new dialogues with your children or grandchildren,” she stated.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.