Metroid Dread isn’t horror soup, but it’s still pretty tasty

Metroid Fear feels familiar, if you’ve played Metroid Combination just recently: ominous soundtrack and level style, an effective stalker, a computer system buddy that won’t remain in his lane. The greatest distinction remains in the tone — Combination is plainly extremely horror-focused, while Fear is a lot more action-heavy.

This is absolutely great. I enjoy both Metroid video games similarly, for what they are.

However then I check out an exceptional GameSpot interview with Yoshio Sakamoto, who directed Combination and Fear and a lots of other Metroid video games. He discusses the thinking behind the title, and why Samus has hardly any lines in the video game. By providing Samus extremely couple of speaking lines, Sakamoto was wishing to highlight the scary — which was expected to be the primary focus of the video game.

This was a genuine surprise to me, so I took a seat and made a huge pot of soup and thought of where the video game failed in its pursuit of scary. The factor comes down to Fear’s handling of 2 things: the EMMI parts, and Samus’ character.

Enjoy the video above to get more information about how Fear changed the dish from Combination and made a totally various meal, which was still delicious however simply wasn’t soup.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.