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Mental health experts say parents are missing from children’s therapy

Aldo Leopold students prepare to cross the street after their dismissal on Friday, March 13, 2020, at Aldo Leopold School in Green Bay, Wis. Ebony Cox/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

GREEN BAY – Providers taking part this summer in school-based counseling across the Green Bay school district are urging parents this school year to get involved in their children’s counseling. 

It’s a frustration that Joanne Klysen, director of community-based counseling at Foundations Health & Wholeness, says stands out more than most issues she observes in her young clients.

Parents, Klysen said, might involve themselves in a few ways: They can ask their child if they’d like to share anything they talked about during a session, they can arrange with the provider to take part in a parent-child session if all parties agree, or, potentially, they might consider counseling independent of their child’s.

That last point, Klysen said, tends to get the biggest response, and it’s not always taken graciously.

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