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Mental Health Expert Details Secondary Impacts of Mass Shootings – NBC 7 San Diego

The impacts of the recent California mass shootings are wide-ranging. They can affect those directly involved or similar community groups, and they can be triggering.

One of the attacks happened during a Lunar New celebration — a time when prosperity and goodwill are the focus of festivities. Many in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities feel as if these recent mass shootings are marring their festivities by creating fear, sadness and trauma.

Therapists and mental health experts stress the importance of discussing these feelings, which can often be difficult.

“Unfortunately still with mental health stigma in our society, people think you have to be ‘crazy’ to go talk to a mental health professional and that’s not the case at all,” said Carrie Tremble.

Tremble is the clinical director of Tele-mental Health Training at the University of San Diego and shares that when you have populations of people who are continuously targeted, it is important to not be a bystander and recognize even if you are not a member of a certain ethnic group or race, or are a ballroom dancer or farmer for instance, you can step up in solidarity.

“What I think is important is to reach out to your friends and say, ‘How are you doing? Are you doing OK? Do you need to talk even if you don’t want to talk? I can just come sit with you,'” explained Tremble.

Tremble also recognizes the importance of processing your feelings as this could become inter-generational trauma if people are not given a chance to process what’s been happening to their communities.

Mental health and trauma therapists also recommend people in need call 988, the new national Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number. The hotline provides someone to listen to mental health needs.

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