Max Scherzer explains why he decided to sign with Mets

Max Scherzer jersey swap 2021 - orange background

Max Scherzer jersey swap 2021 – orange background

The only thing Max Scherzer stresses over nowadays is what jersey number he’ll be using next season in Flushing.

The difficult choice – picking the Mets over the other groups contending for his services throughout the 2022 project and beyond – is total. Scherzer was formally invited to New york city by owner Steve Cohen, group president Sandy Alderson and GM Billy Eppler on Wednesday. And with representative Scott Boras by his side, Scherzer discussed precisely what caused his choice to head back to the NL East, however with the blue and orange this time around.

“First, when I took the Zoom call with Steve and Billy, got to know those two. Steve said it’s whatever it takes to win here,” he told the media during his news conference. “He looks at this as he wants to win a championship and he’s going to do whatever it takes to win. You don’t hear that from owners too often these days, and when you can finally hear any owner wants to do whatever it takes to win, obviously that piqued my interest.”

Scherzer went on to mention one aspect that every Mets fan is drooling about presently: Pitching along with Jacob deGrom.

“Obviously when you look at the team, the most obvious things is, yeah, I’m pitching with Jake,” Scherzer stated grinning. “That’s the most obvious thing that I saw.”

If deGrom go back to the Mets healthy this season, this would be the very best 1-2 punch in a beginning rotation in the league and it’s not even close. Both pitchers are numerous Cy Young Award winners and rank at the upper tier of pitchers in the league.

Scherzer confessed that after the Zoom with Eppler and Cohen, he called deGrom to get a feel for the Mets. From there, it was a simple call to make.

“I called Jake after our meeting just to get a sense of what New York was like and how he’s feeling and everything,” Scherzer discussed. “Just get a state of where he’s at. Came away happy with it and dream of pitching with him. We can do some great things together.”

Being close to his house in Jupiter, Fla. contributed, too. Lots of thought Scherzer desired the West Coast, however after a stint with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Scherzer felt that range and noted it being difficult on his household. With spring training not too far in Port St. Lucie in addition to New york city being a fast flight to the Sunlight State, Scherzer can invest more time with his other half and ladies.

Lastly, Scherzer stated other gamers like recently gotten Eduardo Escobar made Scherzer delighted for what the Mets clubhouse will end up being.

“In the time of my career, clubhouses can change. It only takes a few guys to change it. I’ve seen it happen many times. Different guys I’ve played with over the years, they come in and bring a certain kind of energy and kinda the whole vibe can change within the clubhouse. For me, I feel like the guys we’re bringing in can do that, can obviously change that.”

All of it made good sense to Scherzer, and the $43.3 million AAV over the next 3 years undoubtedly assists too. However if it weren’t for the Mets’ preliminary pursuit and technique, none of this would’ve been possible.

“We started this offseason, we set out to make a real impact to our club,” Eppler stated. “Max was at the top of our list. Doing our work on Max, we came to learn that he has a special way of perceiving the game. In every sense of the word, he’s a pro. He brings a relentlessness and an obsession to win to our clubhouse.”

So Scherzer will continue to consider what number he’ll use given that Nos. 31 and 37 are not available at the minute. However no matter the number, New york city is where he wishes to be contending for another World Series title to contribute to his Hall of Fame-worthy distinctions.

“At this point in my career, you put all those things together and that’s when I said I’m going to be a New York Met,” stated Scherzer.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.