Matrix Resurrections spoilers: Debating theories and weird moments

The Matrix Resurrections is an overall banger. Likewise lots of individuals dislike it. This is how you understand Lana Wachowski did the important things. If the 4th Matrix decreased like a blue tablet, it wouldn’t have actually done its job.

After seeing The Matrix Resurrections on a huge IMAX screen, I instantly wished to go watch The Matrix Resurrections on a huge IMAX screen a 2nd time. From the minute the credits roll, and Brass Versus wails its cover of “Wake Up” (latest thing Versus the Device tune that played out the initial 1999 Matrix), I desired — no, I required — everybody’s response, high up on the sense that there was a lot under the surface area, be it kooky tradition, philosophical thinking, or simply excellent filmmaking style. Every minute seemed like a packed option, and with Wachowski staying all however quiet in the lead approximately the movie’s release, it’s been primarily maintained for audience dissection. Obviously, there was nobody to discuss it with, since nobody had actually seen the film, and every bit of it seems like a spoiler.

Think it or not, we’re delicate about spoilers here at Polygon. However at the rate cultural discussions appear, and in this strange minute of perpetual Material, the work to satisfy and please everybody turns into one of the larger difficulties of merely discussing the things we enjoy. On that note, as someone dying to dig into The Matrix Resurrections, I wanted to create a walled-off space on the site for anyone bursting at the seams. The movie is widely available now — in theaters and on HBO Max — but like all things that drop before the holidays, everybody is on a various schedule, living a various life, and caught inside a various Matrix. Who understands when individual X, Y, and Z will be prepared to find out about The Matrix Resurrections? However I am awake and prepared.

On this page, the free-for-all starts. This is your last possibility. After this, there is no reversing. You click out, the story ends, you awaken in your bed and think whatever you wish to think. You head to the remarks, you remain in Wonderland and I reveal you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

This is formally the location where it’s okay to state Thomas Anderson won a Video game Award for his work on The Matrix in 1999. That’s how you understand his truth is one huge lie.

Neo’s Game Awards statue in The Matrix Resurrections

Image: Warner Bros. Images

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