Marvel’s Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer drops during Super Bowl LV

Bucky and Sam are back, and they’re prepared to handle a world without Captain America. Based upon the brand-new trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Season Soldier that debuted throughout the Super Bowl, it appears the brand-new duo will invest the majority of their time handling bad people and resolving secrets.

Unlike Marvel’s other current program WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Season Soldier appears to fit-in well with our existing concept of Marvel motion pictures. More particularly, the trailers make it look nearly like the next Captain America follow up, a fitting location for these 2 Cap-adjacent heroes.

While The Falcon and the Winter Season Soldier won’t be our very first taste of a the post-Endgame Marvel Cinematic Universe — thank you, Spider-Man: Far From House — the program will commit more time any of the motion pictures to checking out the after-effects of Thanos’ actions. Based upon the trailer, it appears that the world is returning to typical and restoring after “The Blip,” however there are still lots of non-world-ending bad people for these 2 to handle.

The Falcon and the Winter Season Soldier premieres on Disney Plus on March 19.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.