Marvel’s Avengers’ finally gets Hawkeye on March 18

After months of guarantees and leakages, Hawkeye lastly strikes Marvel’s Avengers on March 18, Crystal Dynamix and Square Enix revealed in a brand-new video on Tuesday. The upgrade likewise consists of the totally free PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X updates to the video game and a brand-new area.

A couple of months after Kate Bishop’s Dec. 8 arrival, Clint Barton (AKA Hawkeye) will sign up with the Avenger’s Effort. In the War Table video, Crystal Characteristics detailed the resemblances and distinctions in between the initial Hawkeye and his protégé. Clint and Kate both utilize a mix of sword and bow on the battleground, however their active capabilities and arrow types are various. They likewise pass through the map in a different way, with Kate teleporting and Clint utilizing his grapple arrows.

In addition to the brand-new hero, Marvel’s Avengers’ March upgrade includes the Future Imperfect Operation. This brand-new objective set includes the Future Wasteland area, influenced by the Old Male Hawkeye comic series. The Wasteland is a future variation of Earth 616, damaged by nuclear war and a Kree intrusion. The present timeline Hawkeye and the future Hawkeye will work together with Kate and Lucky the pet dog to beat Master — a far-future super-villain variation of the Hulk with both brains and brawn.

The next-gen console variation of Marvel’s Avengers consists of the typical upgrades: increased visuals, a greater frame rate, and quicker loads. Operation Future Imperfect and Hawkeye are both totally free for all Marvel’s Avengers gamers.

Tuesday’s War Table did not touch on Black Panther — the believed next hero — or the lack of Marvel’s Avengers’ raid-like activity.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.