Marvel wants X-Men fans to pick the final member of the new team

Marvel Comics is putting the last area in the brand-new X-Men’s lineup to a vote by fans, starting Jan. 27 and running for the next week. The option will settle the group that, in-world, the mutant country of Krakoa is picking to protect and represent themselves.

There’s a list of 10 prospects; the one getting a plurality of the votes will make the lineup. Here are the heroes on the tally:

  • Banshee (very first look: X-Men #28, 1967)
  • Polaris (very first look: X-Men #49, 1968)
  • Forge (very first look: Astonishing X-Men #184, 1984)
  • Boom-Boom (very first look: Secret Wars 2 #5, 1985)
  • Pace (very first look: New Mutants #86, 1990)
  • Cannonball (very first look: The New Mutants graphic book, 1982)
  • Sunspot (very first look: The New Mutants graphic book, 1982)
  • Strong Person (very first look: New Mutants #29, 1985)
  • Marrow (very first look: Cable Television #15, 1994)
  • Armor (very first look: Impressive X-Men Vol. 3, #4, 2004)

Ballot will open at midnight EST on Jan. 27 and run up until 11:59 p.m. EST on Feb. 2. The outcomes along with the complete subscription of the brand-new X-Men will be revealed throughout the Hellfire Gala, the huge in-world occasion Marvel has actually prepared for June.

Marvel is motivating fans to vote through the main site; those who are signed up Marvel Experts can get points for doing so. They’ll likewise be qualified to get in a sweepstakes whose grand reward is being drawn into the comics throughout the Hellfire Gala itself. More information about that will be offered later on.

X-Men #17 goes on sale Jan. 27. In the most current book, Cyclops and Jean Grey declined seats on Krakoa’s governing body, the Quiet Council, in order to reform the X-Men. The 2 have actually chosen that the people of Krakoa themselves ought to select the group.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.