Macaulay Culkin makes ‘American Horror Story’ debut

The star appeared in “American Horror Story: Double Feature” which likewise stars Evan Peters and Lily Rabe, in addition to long time star Sarah Paulson.

It’s the 10th season of Ryan Murphy’s anthology — as its title recommends, it will air in 2 parts. The last season aired in 2019.

Culkin, who likewise turned 41 on Thursday and revealed the birth of his boy previously this year, plays Mickey, a drug user.
The star referenced both his birthday and his launching on the program in a tweet.

“Like a fine bottle of Worcester sauce we all get better with age. With that in mind here’s your yearly reminder that time does indeed march onward,” he tweeted. “I’m 41 years old. I hope you enjoy every passing year as much as I do. We’re not getting older, we’re just getting saucier.”

He then followed up with a tweet that checked out, “Also, there seems to be a super handsome, middle-aged dude on this season of American Horror Story. If I were you I’d totally check him out.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.