Luca post-credits scene happened when a surprise actor improvised too much

A 3rd of the method into Luca, Pixar’s newest Disney Plus-exclusive release, the titular young sea beast satisfies his unusual Uncle Urgo, a transparent deep-sea resident who delights in the dark and peaceful of the bottom of the ocean. Urgo is weird, even for a sea beast, and he babbles on and on about just how much he enjoys the nothingness of the deep sea. Though it’s not right away noticeable, the anglerfish-esque animal was brought to life by none aside from Sacha Baron Cohen.

Luca’s moms and dads get in touch with Urgo in hopes of sending their boy to the bottom of the ocean and discourage his interest in the human world. However according to director Enrico Casarosa, Urgo wasn’t even expected to be a character initially. He represents whatever Luca worries, which initially handled a less concrete type.

“We needed Luca’s worst nightmare. I was like, ‘Well, what’s the worst nightmare for a curious kid?’ It was like nothingness. Darkness. Black,” Casarosa states. “So we started thinking about the deep. So then we’re like, ‘How do we personify it?’ Do we do an imagination moment [where] he imagines being there? We even boarded things before we put it all in a character. This is what happens when you live down there.”

A possible exile to the depths of the sea just triggers Luca to flee from house and endeavor to the surface area with his buddy Alberto. That’s the last we see of Uncle Urgo within the period of the film, however Cohen did so much for the character that the Luca group chose to consist of a post-credits scene including Uncle Urgo swimming around in the deep and rambling to himself.

“It was a pleasure to see,” states Casarosa. “[Cohen] came in and he improvised so much that we even put a little button at the end of our movie to contain more of the improvisation that he did for us because he was so fun.”

Luca is out on Disney Plus now.

Luca on Disney Plus

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