Love, Death & Robots gets an edgy red band trailer from Netflix

If you enjoyed the very first season of Love, Death & Robots, Netflix’s adult animated anthology, and believed to yourself, well, gee, that was so edgy and screwed up, what could a 2nd season possible do to top that?, fret say goodbye to.

A brand-new red-band teaser for the 2nd season crams in all the sex, violence, and F-bombs it can in simply under a minute. It begins strong with a seduction scene, however right before the girl included will remove her top (there were a great deal of bare tiddies in Love, Death & Robots season one), the teaser flashes a relatively dead body and a violent gunshot. From there on, it’s blood and guts and an unjustified quantity of fucks, because, why not?

We get some combined messaging, however, since while the video itself states “Consume responsibly,” the description on YouTube states “Consume irresponsibly.” What is the fact?! Exists a method to take in both properly and irresponsibly?

From Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (Mank), the 2nd season of Love, Death & Robots strikes Netflix on Might 14.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.