Loki’s episode 5 has a lot of Easter eggs — including a Polybius arcade cabinet

Fans are observing a lots of Marvel Comics Easter eggs in the current episode of Loki, from license plates that spell considerable names to full-on character cameos. However there’s another referral in Loki’s 5th episode, “Journey Into Mystery,” and it has absolutely nothing to do with Marvel Comics.

And while we’ve learnt about it considering that the very first video footage of Loki was exposed, now we can take a guess at how it suits the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[Ed. note: This post contain spoilers for Loki through episode 5.]

Loki and angry followers in a room with a Polybius arcade game in Loki.

Image: Marvel Studios

In episode 5, we are presented to the odd bunker/hideout of 4 pruned Lokis, eliminated to the end of time for criminal offenses versus the Time Variation Authority. Inside a modified bowling street is a motley collection of pruned items from throughout history, consisting of, of all things, a Polybius game cabinet.

Polybius is the things of urban myth. The misconception of Polybius includes a game maker that was apparently test marketed in Portland, Oregon in the early ’80s. Gamers rapidly ended up being addicted to the video game, the story goes, however experienced psychedelic negative effects. Contributing to Polybius’ secret are tales of man-in-black-style federal government representatives keeping track of the devices and gathering information about gamers’ habits. Polybius has actually been cheekily referenced by The Simpsons and was ultimately made into a real-life computer game by Jeff Minter, designer of trippy fare like Tempest 2000 and Area Giraffe.

The Polybius cabinet appears in more than one shot of the episode of Loki, as if some set cabinet truly didn’t desire it to be missed out on in the edit. Maybe the existence of the video game is the whole factor this bowling street was pruned — man-in-black-style federal government representatives definitely sounds a lot like the TVA.

In a manner, making use of a Polybius cabinet in the background is not unlike Loki’s early flashback that exposes that Loki is the mystical lawbreaker, D.B. Cooper. It connects a genuine mystery/urban legend to the occasions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning a supernatural description. The episode doesn’t head out of its method to describe how it suits our own timeline, however just leaves it there for those in the understand to detect — similar to the very best Easter eggs.

| Image: Marvel Studios

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.