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Logan students discuss mental health after week of protests, grief

LOGAN, Ohio — The Logan-Hocking community is mourning the loss of 15-year-old Brice Butcher, who took his own life earlier this week. Since then, his classmates have been raising their voices in honor of him.  

On Wednesday and Thursday, students protested while raising awareness for mental health. On Friday, they met to simply ask each other, “How are you doing?” 

“We shouldn’t have had to wait until someone else lost their life for everybody to kind of realize how bad this was,” said Mylee Bouls, a friend of Brice’s and a sophomore at the Logan High School.

Students gathered to talk, check in on each other, and share mental health issues.

“With all of the tragedies that have been happening, that have been almost building up throughout this whole week, I feel like everyone needed a mental health day,” said Olivia Rayburn. She organized the gathering so students could have a safe space.

Students said they want mental health to be talked about more in society. Rayburn said sometimes students feel too embarrassed to speak up.

“Kids have to deal with losing their friends and family through suicide. It’s just letting us know that we can have people to lean on during these rough times,” said Wilson.  

10TV reached out to the superintendent of the district, Monte Bainter. He said there is a bunch of student information that must remain private. Bainter also said the district offers numerous resources to students like counselors at every school. 

Students said they don’t want anyone to feel like they’re struggling alone.  

“Everyone should be able to speak out for mental health. Everyone needs to treat everyone with kindness,” said Rayburn.  

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