Lindsey Graham Throws A Fit After Biden Rolls Back Trump’s Inhumane Immigration Policies

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tossed a temper tantrum on Tuesday after President Joe Biden rolled back a series of Donald Trump’s vicious migration policies with the stroke of a pen.

Sen. Graham whimpered on Twitter, “In a matter of weeks, President Joe Biden has rolled back a substantial part of the gains it took years for the Trump Administration to achieve in the fight to stop illegal immigration.”

Graham likewise wept over Biden ditching Trump’s middle ages vanity wall – the one Mexico never ever spent for – and cautioned that more caravans will flood the border as an outcome.

“The refusal to continue building the border wall and changing Trump asylum policies requiring migrants to wait in Mexico for their court date are formulas for disaster and will create massive future runs on the border,” the South Carolina Republican politician stated.

He included, “The caravans will start to flow again, and America will be under siege once again by new waves of migrants responding to the Biden Administration’s weak policies on immigration.”

Sen. Graham’s Twitter temper tantrum followed Biden signed 3 executive orders to roll back Trump’s vicious migration policies, which will permanently be a stain on America.

Among the executive orders directs the freshly validated DHS secretary to direct a job force focused on unifying the numerous households that are still separated as an outcome of Trump’s policy.

As The New york city Times reported, the other 2 orders “will authorize a review of Mr. Trump’s immigration policies that limited asylum, stopped funding to foreign countries, made it more difficult to get green cards or be naturalized, and slowed down legal immigration into the United States.”

Joe Biden on Tuesday took a huge action towards undoing Donald Trump’s vicious migration program. Lindsey Graham might not like it, however it’s what more than 81 million Americans chose last November.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.