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Lincoln Dealers to Pay Hefty Price to Sell EVs

Lincoln doesn’t currently have any electric vehicles in its portfolio to sell, but that day is coming soon. When it does, the luxury arm of Ford Motor Company wants its dealers to be ready. That means the dealers must be willing to make a major investment – as much as $900,000 – in infrastructure and charging stations, as well as making changes in the way they work with customers. Those dealers that don’t want to make the investment will not be able to sell Lincoln’s EV offerings.

Lincoln dealers in top-tier markets are responsible for 90% of Lincoln sales – these dealers will need to make the full $900,000 investment for two DC fast chargers and seven Level 2 chargers, plus other infrastructure changes. Lincoln stores in smaller markets will need one fast charger and four Level 2 chargers with an investment of $500,000. In addition to the investment, dealers will have to agree to non-negotiable pricing for EVs and provide a greater online presence for sales and service, with the goal of making Lincoln more attractive to younger buyers.

Lincoln has announced that it will show its first production EV by the end of this year – an electric SUV sized similar to the current Aviator. Within the next few years, Ford’s luxury brand expects to launch three more electric vehicles with a fourth by the end of 2026, which will result in more than half of Lincoln’s global sales being made up of zero-emission electric vehicles. Lincoln plans to have a completely electrified lineup by 2030.

Dealers will have until mid-December to decide on making this investment – if they choose not to at this time, they may have to wait until 2026 when the next enrollment period begins.

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