Light Fairytale Episode 2 Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

– About this series
Light Fairy tale is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG series embeded in a passing away underground world ruled by a wicked empire.

The objective of this task is to restore the immersion and feeling of 90’s age JRPGs on existing platforms with the anticipated advancement in both style and method.

Each episode is a standalone video game, around 3 hours long for a very first play-through, double it for a complete conclusion of all the accomplishments and tricks.

– About this episode
Episode 2 resumes the experience right after last episode’s cliffhanger. Play as Haru and Ayaka as they reveal the secrets of the Deeplands while trying to find a method to reunite with Kuroko, conference with a mystical silver haired woman along the method.

– Characters
Ayaka: A lovely lady who likes looking after the practically extinct ‘flowers’.

Mystical Lady: A puzzling, silver haired woman with intense words and deeds concealing a delicate heart.

– About (neko dot works) is a one person indie video game studio from France making contemporary performances of traditional principles.

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