Life is Strange: True Colors’ streamer mode just mutes the music

Streamers broadcasting Life is Strange: Real Colors to their audiences are feeling uncomfortable about the absence of music in the video game’s banner mode. The tool itself is developed to silence any copyrighted music that may trigger DMCA takedown notifications on streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube — and it does precisely that. Some banners were amazed to learn, nevertheless, that there’s no music to change what’s been silenced.

That makes some appears a bit uncomfortable. Like, for example, when Real Colors star Alex Chen is singing a Radiohead tune. As Alex strums away on her guitar in a psychological scene the day she’s reunited with her sibling, there’s just no noise. Alex might believe she’s a creep (heh) however we can’t hear it.

However the worst wrongdoer is definitely a minute where Alex and her sibling Gabe are dancing to a Kings of Leon tune early on in the video game. It’s extraordinary and likewise uncomfortable to view Alex and Gabe dance hugely to silence — absolutely nothing however the stomping of their feet to the tune.

The advantage is that this is an exceptionally excellent chance for meme makers. What are Alex and Gabe definitely rocking out to? That’s your option. Here at Polygon, our company believe it’s Hannah Montana’s “Hoedown Throwdown.” (Spoilers: Miley Cyrus is in fact Hannah Montana.) Simply an idea!

In truth, the choice to turn Life is Strange: Real Colors’ music off is a good idea, and an actually useful choice for banners. The option is needing to stress over DMCA takedown notifications or by hand silencing those areas of the video game. I think Deck 9 might have possibly put some DMCA-free music over the the affected scenes, however … consider the memes we can make now!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.