‘Let players make their choice’

Brad Marchand required to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to act on his remarks about NHL gamers not taking part in the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

The Bruins forward questioned how the league and NHLPA might alter the Collective Bargaining Contract to permit “taxi squads” however refrain from doing the exact same throughout the Olympics. Why can’t gamers go to the Olympics in February while NHL groups play on with included gamers, he questioned.

Here’s Marchand’s complete Tweet:

“The NHL and NHLPA can change the rules of the cba to add a taxi squad so that they don’t miss any games and don’t lose any money… which has already been agreed upon that the players will pay back in escrow until the owners are made whole from what they have lost during this pandemic, regardless of how many games are missed… yet they can’t do a taxi squad during The Olympics so they can honor the agreement they made so the NHL players can go [to the Olympics].

“Please tell me that’s not bulls—… and for all of you who want to pipe back about forfeiting pay while being gone… yah not a problem .. let the players make their choice.”

You’ll remember that as part of the 2020 CBA, the NHL assured the NHLPA that it would try to negotiate with the IOC and IIHF in order to stop briefly the 2021-22 routine season for 3 weeks and permit gamers to participate in the competition. An offer occurred however with the caution that in arrangement with the union, there was a pull-out alternative must there be a “material disruption” of the regular-season schedule.

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At the time the NHL and NHLPA revealed gamers wouldn’t be going to Beijing (Dec. 22) there had actually currently been 50 regular-season video games held off due to COVID-19 problems. That number is now approximately 70 since Tuesday.

A require best-on-best

Marchand’s Tweet was an extension of his remarks from Sunday when he was inquired about the NHL/NHLPA choice.

“I know at the end of the day, [the NHL does not] care about the Olympics, they don’t make money on it, and that’s ultimately what this is,” Marchand stated. “It’s a business and we’re an asset. Let’s just call a spade a spade.”

He’s 100% proper, however everybody understands the league’s factors versus taking part (Union management was likewise understanding of the choice, too). The only factor the NHL assured to try to negotiate with the IOC and IIHF was due to the fact that it became part of CBA settlements, and they wound up with labor peace through a minimum of the 2025-26 season as part of it.

Would Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs be cool with sending out Marchand to Beijing while getting absolutely nothing at all in return?

Marchand wasn’t the only gamer to voice his viewpoint on a 2nd straight Olympics without NHL gamers. Oilers captain Connor McDavid, among Canada’s very first 3 males’s gamers revealed, called it “disappointing,” however included “we can’t dwell on it.”

Without the Olympics as an alternative for a minimum of 4 more years, McDavid did make a plea to have of best-on-best competition in the meantime. It’s a phase gamers wish to be on.

“We can’t go six, seven, eight years without playing best-on-best,” stated McDavid, who became part of Group The United States and Canada at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. “NHL players haven’t played at the Olympics since 2014 when Canada won the gold medal. You want to play at the Olympics. For me, it’s the biggest stage in sport. Every league in sport does a version of the World Cup. The Olympics is a stage that’s such a global scale. I think everybody wants to play on that stage. The World Cup would still be a great second option.

“We just want to see best-on-best. That’s what everyone wants.”

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