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Lessons from Training Politicians –

Partisanship and Political Learning: Lessons from Training Politicians

By Maxwell A. Cameron, The University of British Columbia, Alessandra Ribeiro, The University of British Columbia, Gerald Baier, The University of British Columbia, Spencer McKay, The University of British Columbia, Rebecca Alegría Monnerat, The University of British Columbia and Catherine Ann Cameron, The University of British Columbia

At a time of concern for the future of democracy, civic education has emerged as a priority for many universities. Faculty at UBC were approached by former politicians complaining about inadequate preparation given to parliamentarians, excessive partisanship, and the adversarial nature of parliamentary debate. The Institute for Future Legislators (IFL) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) was created to prepare anyone seeking to serve in elective office. We designed a program to give participants experiential knowledge of parliamentary politics so that they would enter the political arena with a deeper appreciation for the contributions and pitfalls of party organizations.

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