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Leidos: Leading global defence strategies through technology

Technologies to address tomorrow’s challenges

As a strategic supplier to the UK Government, Leidos has an important role in diverse customer deliverables and projects. Over the past year, it has played an active role in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and, more recently, in the logistics operations surrounding Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Leidos also supported the Ministry Of Defence (MOD) in the UK’s battle against Covid-19 by assisting with the receipt, integration, storage and distribution of life-saving ventilators, PPE and vaccines at the height of the pandemic. 

The company delivers a broad spectrum of services and prioritises agility and customer experience. Fovargue says, “Leidos favours creating a new solution, using modern technologies. And typically, we would like to establish a new way of working, of delivering a better customer experience and more efficient service.”

Part of this drive to streamline services has involved collaborating with a vast network of partners. In 2015, Leidos was awarded the Logistics Services Transformation contract from MOD. The 13-year, £6.7bn contract is transforming the UK’s Defence supply chain and Leidos and its sub-contractors service the needs of nearly 200,000 active regular and reserve personnel in 600 locations around the globe. 

“The UK Armed Forces can now leverage best-in-class technology solutions that rival those deployed by leading companies in the private sector. The MOD don’t think of us as a logistics company; they think of us as a technology integration company,” Fovargue explains. 


A future in technology and diversity

With such a broad spectrum of skill sets required for customers’ projects, Leidos is focused on nurturing its talent, providing meaningful work to people that is challenging, personally rewarding, and allows employees to develop as individuals, says Fovargue. 

The next few years will also see Leidos leveraging the power of Small and Medium Enterprises to complement its internal skills and resources. He adds, “We have partnership schemes to ensure we tap into growing companies. We want to integrate technologies to enable better outcomes for our Customers.”


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